HB 5701 Dropped. H.I.S. stays!!!

FRSOptions.info has just learned that HB 5701 has been dropped. The Health Insurance Subsidy benefit will not be lost!


FRSOptions.info has just learned that HB 5701 has been dropped.  The Health Insurance Subsidy benefit will not be lost!!!!  This is great news.  It seems your calls and letters have once again worked their magic!  Congratulations!

It is possible it will be re-visited in the future, but for now it is safe.  250,000 retirees will keep this benefit!!  The Health Insurance Subsidy is a benefit for Florida Retirement System members that provides up to $150 per month to offset the cost of health care in retirement. 

While this is a short term victory, PLEASE keep those calls and letters going to your Representitives and Senators.  It is your voices that have made, and will make a difference in whether your benefits are changed.  You have been promised those benefits, and you deserve to keep those benefits!

Congratulations Again!

  • Maria

    Thanks for keeping us informed

  • Blake

    That's great news, Mark! Thanks for keeping us informed.

  • http://www.floridaretirementsystem.info Mark Davy


  • randallkarle

    Thank you for giving us the heads up on this. I sent several letters, all with the theme. “If you can't keep this promise, why would we trust you for anything?”
    There is a disturbing trend to take money away from retirees and potential retirees throughout the state. Jacksonville spent the pension fund on a new courthouse and now wants to lower pension payments to balance the books. Civil Servants are looked on as parasites who were vastly overpaid during their employment and should have been saving for their retirement. The Federal government continues to eye Social Security payments as a way to improve the budget picture.
    I have news for them all. When I retire, later this year, I will be living on my pension of about $800/mo after taxes, a $950/mo Social Security check, and a $450/mo VA disability payment. This will enable me to get by, but I will not be getting a Porsche unless the lottery is good to me. Having spent my entire adult life in public service, I knew that my salary would be low, as would my pension, but the work was important to me. All of us have been told how superfluous we are to the overall scheme of things, but one would think that our legislators, at all levels, would focus on keeping their promises.

  • maddog1948

    The most disturbing thing about all of the proposed legislation cutting benefits for retired (and current) state workers is that this amounts to an income tax on a fraction on the state population. It is clearly inequitable to ask one group to give up income in order to balance the budget and not ask all citizens who benefit from state services to share the load. Several things are perfectly clear: government-provided services like education, law enforcement, and the like are essential to a enlightened society unless we propose to turn citizens into unschooled and poorly prepared vigilantes; the budget has to be balanced; revenue has to be collected to balance it. So why is it that some people think that paying for what we need and use is so unreasonable? If only private schools existed, I do believe there would be a charge incurred for the users, just as there is for anything else in the private sector.

  • GG

    As a county firefighter perparing to retire soon this issue confused me from the start of how the state could withdraw a benefit for which the county had already paid them for. This benefit was already paid for from past contributions.
    I would hope our elected state offiicals would seek legal advice before they visit this subject again. They might be able to avoid a large lawsuit and a loss of confidance from the government employees that have been so loyal and faithful to serving them.

  • Pat

    That's great news. I wrote and emailed several letters. Thanks for keeping us informed.

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  • Brightcloudy

    Please don’t drop H. I. S. we need this believe me my pension is only $459.99 a month that includes the H. I. S. and my Social Security check is $642.00 a month and my rent is $624.00 a month that leaves me $18.00 from Social Security not enough to live on when you pay for a credit card electricity and phone and food believe me there is a minus in your funds and then they wonder why we have to use a credit card at times not to mention medical bills, so people that are in charge do what is right and that goes for our multi-millionaire governor that will be taking charge in January.

  • Teachme

    I am a teacher with 34 years and I am retiring on June 14th. Because I have only worked in Martin County for 6 years, I have to pay “100% out of pocket” for my health insurance to keep in the group policy. It is currently $508 per month. I had been promised the $150 per month for my entire career, and it seemed unreasonable they can just erase that benefit. Thankfully, calls and letters have done their job. Geez, can’t turn your back on these political jokers for one minute. Who is voting for these people?

  • http://www.floridaretirementsystem.info FRS Options

    At the risk of being negative, the language for HIS very clearly states that it is a benefit only for as long as the legislature provides funds. That said, it looks like the calls and such are definitely helping!

  • Sgt Dillingham

    I guess we will not see any increase in the Health Subsidy for years
    to come.  I know the governor Scott tried to abolish it altogether.

  • http://www.floridaretirementsystem.info FRS Options

    I would guess there will not be increases in to many benefits for the foreseeable future. Unfortunately, we don’t really follow the health programs, but concentrate on FRS benefits.