FRS 2nd Choice Calculator is back!!!!

Finally, the 2nd Choice Calculator is back on the MyFRS website for Florida Retirement System members


Finally, the 2nd Choice Calculator is back on the MyFRS website for Florida Retirement System members.  It has incorporated the legislative changes mandated last session, and once again members can calculate their lump sum amounts.

  • Krava

    When I click on the MyFRS link in your posting I received the following:
    “Malicious Web Site Blocked”  I found that message to be very interesting, to say the least.

  • FRS Options

    Sorry, we believe it is fixed now. One too many http’s!

  • Jhoffman

    maybe Im dense, but I cant find the 2nd Choice Calculator on the FRS website… a lil help please… thanks

  • FRS Options

    Once you sign into the site, the tab is at the upper left hand corner. It says “2nd choice Service”. You must be signed in to access it.

  • Cam

    can you add this article to frs newcast for viewers to read…Thanks

  • FRS Options

    We’ll leave it here, for those who would like to read it. Unfortunately, we ran a similar article a month or so back, titled “here we go again”. Since the article is not really a third party and contains some political leanings, and is written by the union, it might be construed the wrong way by some of our readers.