Scott’s Proposals for FRS

It might be be premature to make any decisions until the details are known.


As you are no doubt aware, Governor Scott is slipping tidbits about his plan for FRS into the news.  Unfortunately, those tidbits are sparse in detail and his full plan is not scheduled to be released until February 7, so it is very difficult to get a grasp of how they will ultimately affect Florida Retirement System workers and retirees.  It is obvious the changes, IF ENACTED, will be significant.  It might be be premature to make any decisions until the details are known.  In the meantime, 1,000,000 strong FRS participants and retirees should be contacting their legislators and directing those representatives as to how they want to be represented in Tallahassee.

  • Cindy Palmer

    I am almost in my 30th year of teaching and am eligible to enter DROP in January. I’ve given my life to MDCPS while raising two children without child support, so NO, I don’t have a 401k or anything else. The only money I have is my DROP money, that’s it. This will leave me destitute and unable to fulfil any dreams made over the past thirty years. Which bridge, Governor Scott, would you suggest I live under ?

  • FRS Options

    Wow, Cindy, before you move under any bridge, the proposal will still allow you to enter the DROP in January.

    Let’s keep it real folks, many dreams have been quashed in this economy, not just those of public employees.